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Design Your Own Smile

Your guide to more attractive confident smile

One of the first judgments we make with people is how they smile and how confident they are. Your face seems to know if your smile feels confident or not.

Why does some smile look confident and naturally beautiful, while others look plain and average? How can smile make one person look older and another person look younger? Most people don’t know what constitute s a nice smile.

While nature has been kind to some, others are not so lucky fortunately we now understand principles of nature and exactly what makes very beautiful looking smile and this is called “PRINCIPLE OF SMILE DESIGNING”


By Using “PRINCIPLE SMILE DESIGNING”, u can evaluate your own smile. Beautiful smiles are attractive because they follow these basic rules of nature compare your smile with basic principles and come to know,” what’s wrong with your smile?”it will help you know what can be done to create the perfect smile for you.

[1] Front central teeth width/height ratio

Front central incisors width/height ratio shoul be 75-80%,it means if width is 8mm then height should be 10mm..if this ratio is more or less to normal level,teeth would appear more longer or more wider.

[2] Teeth Inclination

Each upper Teeth should have little tilt toward midline.

[3] Midline Placement

Midline between two front upper tooth should be on line drawn from between two eyes and through nose, lip and chin. Midline should not be right or left to this line and midline should be straight, it should not tilted to the right or left.

[4] Color Of Teeth

Color of all tooth should be uniform,bright or dark.any one tooth should not be different to other teeth.are there any dark or white spot or marking on teeth?

[5] Smile At Rest

Evaluate the amount of teeth seen at rest position of lip or slight smile. In some people, while speaking or during wide smile, greater amount of teeth are seen and in some people even gum is seen. And in some people upper teeth are not visible at all. Middle aged adult should show 2-4 mm of their teeth at rest. This amount decreases with age.


[6] Gum Line Symmetry

Teeth is framed by gum tissue..gum line should not be straight, but it should be scalloped.and level on right and left side should be symmetrical. Little amount of gum shows(1mm to 3mm) during smile,if too much gum shows above your front teeth during smile it is called as ”gummy smile” and this condition doesn’t look pleasant.

[7] Gap Between Teeth

There should be no gap or space between teeth and tooth should not overlap another adjacent tooth there is even contact between all teeth. Generally gap is seen between front teeth of few people.

[8] Smile Line Follows Lips

Incisal or biting age of the upper front teeth should parallel or follow the contour of lower lip line in a relaxed or slight smile position and gum line of upper front teeth should follow the contour of upper lip line.

[9] Horizontal Plane

Biting edge of your teeth from right to left should be parallel to limagenary line passing through middle part of both should not be tilted.biting edge of teeth of right and left side should be at same level

[10] Gum Tissue Health

Does your gum bleed when you brush your teeth? Are they swollen or red around teeth margins? Healthy gum doesn’t bleed and it is light pink in color.

[11] Contact Between Teeth

Contact between upper front incisors teeth should extend near to biting edge, if contact ends at middle of tooth, there would be space between lower part of two adjacent teeth and it will not look attractive. Contact end point should step upward, when pass from front teeth to back teeth.

[12] Mal-Alignment Of Teeth

Teeth should be even and straight. Are your teeth crooked or crowded in their positioning? Each tooth should stand evenly side by side to another tooth. It should not overlap each other.

[13] Golden Proportion

Golden proportion was used in ancient Greek architecture. It is observed through nature and human body. This proportion is used in modern building construction, car design. Cosmetic dentists use this to create pleasing smile. In golden proportion of teeth amount of teeth that is visible during smile decreases from front teeth to back teeth. It means when you see wide smile from front, more amount of upper two front teeth is seen but as we pass back, amount of teeth that is visible in smile decreases. If any tooth is more visible than it’s adjacent previous tooth, it means that tooth is not properly placed in dental arch

[14] Black Triangle

Is there a dark place at your gum line between the front teeth? A”black triangle” appears between the front teeth when the teeth are too far apart or underlying bone level dissolves away.when this happens,gum tissue shrinks and there would be space between front teeth at their gum margin.and it is empty space so it looks black because it allows the darkness from back of mouth to show through that empty space as dark triangle.this black or dark space looks unattractive.there should be no space between teeth at their gum margin.

[15] Vertical Dimension

Face is divided in three equal parts,does the lower one third of your face(distance between nose to chin) apper too shorts? Loss of dimension makes your face looks can be developmental or because the teeth have been ground down or are missing.if teeth has been worn too much then this dimension decreases.biting edge appears sharp and straight in worn down teeth.vertical dimension decreases when height of teeth reduce and it is not healthy for jaws and jaws’joint.and it gives older look.

[16] Dark Silver Filling Or Old Filling

Do you have dark colored metal fillings or caps which show when you smile or laugh?

[17] Upper Lip

Does your upper lip go too much upward when you give wide smile or laugh? Hyperactive upper lip goes upward during wide smile,and because of this underlying gum tissue is shown in large amount.generally 1mm to 3mm of gum tissue should appear during smile.

[18] Shape and Size Of Teeth

Shape and size of teeth is different in all people but it should be symmetrical too much wide or long or too much small or large teeth doesn’t give pleasant look.

There are basically three shapes for each front tooth

  • Square
  • Square Round
  • Round

Smile designing allows you to choose the smile you want. Below are some of the possibilities of shapes of teeth that are available. In addition to the shape, you can input into the length, the shape of gumline, and range of color selection.

You can mix and match them in any fashion you want. We have complained the most common arrangements of shapes and named them according to theme of design.



  • Do You Really Like The Appearance Of Your Smile?
  • Do You Feel Confident During Smiling?
  • Do You Worry What Others Think Of Your Smile?
  • Does It Affect Your Self Confidence Or Career?
  • Do You Hide Or Cover Your Smile In Pictures?
  • Does Your Smile Follow Above Describe “Principle Of Smile Designing”?
  • Do You Wish The Color Of Your Teeth Whiter?
  • Do You Have Any Missing Teeth?

When nature’s rules are followed and are combined with the advantages of modern science, miracle can happen. Give your smile that picture perfect look of confidence, beauty and health because when you feel good about yourself, people are naturally attracted to that.

Give your smile that picture perfect look of...

Confidence, beauty and health!