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Lower Face Lift

Main objectives of dental face lift are to get best position for jaw, best dental bite position and good facial height.

Our teeth determine the facial length and position of jaw. Any changes in teeth lead to change in face and jaw bite collapse has a negative effect on face and health. As we age, our teeth get worn down on a daily basis and some people have a habit of night grinding called bruxism. Because of wear, height of teeth is reduced. So the bite of teeth also changes. Disturbance in balance of teeth affects health of jaw joints.

It is not a surgical procedure, only height of teeth is increased to lengthen face. This procedure is harmonized with patients jaw joint and natural position of jaw is achieved. This treatment positions the jaws to normal level and lengthens the face.

Who Requires This Treatment?

  • reduced height of lower third of face
  • height of teeth is reduced
  • worn down teeth
  • jaw joint diseases
  • flattened lip
  • weak looking chin
  • change in the position of teeth than before
  • want to increase height of front teeth for better look

Main advantage of this procedure apart from cosmetic is that it can cure even severe jaw joint diseases

Jaw joint is known as 'TMJ' -temporomandibular joint and tmj dieases have one or more following sign and symptoms

  • Frequent Headaches Or Migraine
  • Loose Teeth In Morning
  • Chipped, Cracked, Worn Teeth
  • Pain Around Tmj And Ear
  • Spontaneous Pain In All Teeth Turn By Turn
  • Sound During Moving Jaw
  • Pain In Neck, Shoulder, Back
  • Numbness In Finger
  • Problem In Full Mouth Opening
  • Congestion In Ear And Vertigo

This treatment can be called 'natural jaw repositioning'


  • Solves All Jaw Joint Problems
  • Cures Headache
  • Gives Younger Look
  • Restores Health, Function And Aesthetic Of Teeth
  • Gives Good Shape To Lips
  • Reduces Looseness Of Chin
  • Lengthens Face