Pre Treatment Mock Up

Mock up is a procedure where your smile makeover is done on a model without doing any procedure in mouth. When you are not sure of the treatment result and want to see how your teeth will look after the procedure. With mock up you can see the upcoming result and up to what level your teeth’s looks will improve. You can take pre and post treatment photographs on the model, and discuss with your family and friends. Once you are satisfied with the result you can go for further treatment.


  • You can see result before starting treatment
  • If you want any change in mock up you can discuss with us so final result will not be affected
  • you can discuss with family and friends about result

Treatment Length

It requires two sittings. in first sitting we take measurement of your teeth and make die of your teeth.and smilemakeover will be done on mold of your teeth.and in second visit we will show you mock 2-3 days is needed for designing your smile on die.