Cosmetic Gum Recontouring And Sculpting

Cosmetic gum recontouring is giving proper morphology to uneven gum tissue. Normally gums are not in straight line, they are scalloped.

When gum level of teeth is not in proportion, minor surgery is carried out to give normal and balanced anatomy, it is called cosmetic recontouring or gingivoplasty. Only teeth can’t give beautiful looks, if gums are not in harmony. Shape and size of teeth depends on gums, sometimes teeth look big or small because of gum line. In such cases gum plastic surgery is required.

Beauty is proportion


It is done with blade or laser. Treatment requires medical check up like blood test, sugar test. After evaluating overall medical health steps toward treatment are taken. For recontouring, gums should be in healthy condition so in first visit cleaning of all teeth is carried out. After 1 week this procedure can be done. It is few minutes to hours procedure, depending on how many teeth are going to be treated. Gum recontouring itself is a single visit treatment. It will not interfere in your daily routine.