Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a treatment of increasing length or height of tooth. It can be surgical and nonsurgical.

Important Feature

Tooth’s height and width should be in proportion. Height of teeth is more than width in front teeth, ideally width should be 80% of height. When this ratio is increased height of tooth is decreased and teeth look broader and shorter and this condition does not look pleasant and attractive.


Treatment depends on level of gum and teeth. Two types of treatment is possible

Surgical:-surgical crown lengthening is a procedure that recontours gum tissue to expose adequate amount of tooth structure. It is done when too much tooth is covered with gums.

It can be done on all upper front teeth or even on single tooth. Excess amount of gum is removed to give proper height width ratio of teeth. This is minor surgery; it will not interfere in your daily routine.

Nonsurgical-Restorative:-in this treatment with restorative material we increase height of teeth e.g. porcelain veneer, composite veneer, all ceramic crown.

It is indicated when height of teeth is less but gum margin is at normal level. In some people because of grinding habit teeth are worn down and teeth look shorter. In such cases we can build up tooth’s height with restorative material and maintain height - width ratio.