Dental tattoo

Dental tattoo is tooth art. Fashion changes day by day. This rule also applies to dentistry. Previously dentistry was related with treatment of pain and discomfort, but nowadays it has changed. Dental tattoo is very popular nowadays, because youth is quite adventurous.

Dental tattoos are designs which are incorporated in artificial teeth called crowns. Generally it is done on back teeth, but you can add this design in any of your teeth. Bental tattoo comes in variety of designs and colors.

All body tattoos are carved on skin surface, where a dye penetrates skin, but in dental tattoo nothing penetrates tooth structure, so it is not harmful at all.

There are no complications. Patient doesn’t have to take any extra care for tattoo, beyond taking care of the crown itself. If anyone want to get the tattoo removed, then just superficial layer of crown is grinded without replacing whole crown.