Gum Depigmentation

Gum depigmentation is treatment for gym hyperpigmentation. It is also called gum bleaching. It is cosmetic treatment of removing black or brown patches from gum. Normal color of gums is pink but due to excess amount of melanin (brown or black pigment) color of gums changes to brown or black.

Important Feature

It is indicated when gum tissue is seen during smiling. If gum is not seen during smiling or any movement of mouth, it is not required.

Black or brown color of gum does not indicate abnormal health of gums. It is normal and healthy condition. Amount of melanin determines color of skin and gums so in black people color of gums is dark than fair people. Dark gums will not create any health problem but aesthetically is not pleasant, so depigmentation is necessary for pleasant smile.


Gum depigmentation is done by blade or laser. It is a minor surgery. Superficial layer of gums is removed and new layer of gums will come within 1-2 weeks. It is same as peeling of skin in acne treatment.