Lip Lengthening

Lip lengthening is lip lowering treatment, also called lip repositioning surgery. It is a type of plastic surgery. When lip is hyper mobile and hyperactive, during smiling lip pulls up too high and shows more amount of gums, making smile “gummy”. Gum margin might be at normal level but because lip is hyperactive, it goes more upwards than normal so underlying gums are visible.

This surgery basically repositions the lip. Attachments of muscle fibers of upper lip are repositioned at lower level, making it less active, which restricts movement of lip

This limits the degree of lip retraction so it reduces the amount of exposed gum tissue. Lip repositioning makes smile more attractive and fit.

Beautiful Smile Includes

All should be in harmony; if you take good photo but put it in unattractive frame, it will not look beautiful. Lips are frame for attractive smile. so frame should be also pleasant.