Teeth jewellery

Be Glamorous and Fashionable

Safe and easiest way to add sparkle to your beautiful smile. It is a type of body art like tattoo and piercing. In teeth jewellery no material goes inside the body. It just adheres on the surface of teeth. It is bonded to tooth surface. No drilling, no infection, no pain. It can be changed whenever you want. It can be removed only by dentist. It will not interfere in speech, chewing, smiling or any other movement. It comes in different colors,shape and materials

Different Colors: Clear, Sapphire Blue, Rainbow Crystal, Ruby Red, Pink Tourmaline, Green Emerald, Aqua Marine, Purple Amethyst, Blue Zircon

Different Shapes: Heart, Star, Star With Diamond, Dollar, Cross, Dolphin, Droplet With Diamond,

Different Materials: , Silver, Diamond, Crystal