Smile Makeover

Do you find yourself hiding in front of a camera or do you avoid full natural smile because you are self conscious about your smile and looks? If so, you can go for a smile makeover to get a confident and attractive smile.

Would you like to improve your overall facial appearance without any plastic surgery? If yes then smile makeover is a treatment which makes your dream into reality.

Smile makeover is not only changing appearance of smile, but it involves consideration of your whole face like your skin tone, hair color, gum line, lip line, symmetry of face to make customized smile.

First step of smile makeover is to know what exactly you don’t like about your smile and what exactly you want. Once we find what you wish for your smile, we will then start to take steps towards achieving it.

A smile is often one of the first things we notice about a person. Having an attractive smile increases self esteem which in turn encourages a positive attitude towards life, which is an essential element for a successful life. Dull, unattractive smile stops you to show your complete self image. In today’s modern society with competitive life, people know the Importance of self improvement. Attractive and confident smile speaks thousand words.

What is cosmetic smile makeover?

Cosmetic smile makeover is treatment which includes a variety of cosmetic and restorative procedure to give pleasant smile. It includes treatment of teeth, gums and lips.

Case in which we can design our smile

Treatment Plan

Your oral health must be evaluated before making any treatment plan. The first step is improvement of overall health before taking any steps towards smile makeover. Smile makeover depends on the type of problem you have and the type of treatment that suits you after checking overall oral tissue.

Mainly It Involves Following Treatments